Chacom Flask – Blue


A great gift and a traditionnal men’s accessory.

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A great gift and a traditionnal men’s accessories

Soldiers, explorers, backpackers or hikers carried (and carry) a flask : it’s a traditional men’s accessories. This one is covered with an elegant blue leather and holds 85oz.

How to take care of your flask ?

When you get a new flask, you should clean it simply by putting some water inside, putting the cap on, shaking it up a few times, and then removing the cap and dumping the water out. You can do this two or three times. After each use, wash the flask with soapy water. Rinse it well, dry the flask with a cloth and let it dry upside down. In case of prolonged non-use, keep the flask with the cap open. Designed for alcohol only (Do not fill it with fruit juice or soda).

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