Chacom Mojito 99 – Smoking Pipe


A 9mm filter pipe with a shiny green finish and a marbled acrylic stem.

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A 9mm filter pipe with a shiny green finish !

This charming half-bent pipe has a smooth finish with interesting graining, brought to life courtesy of the light brown stain. A chrome band compliments the amber-styled stem embossed with the Chacom logo. You will enjoy its beautiful and pratical stem: it is longer than a classic pipe for a cooler smoke and more travel friendly than a traditionnal churchwarden pipe. This 9mm filter pipe comes with an adapter to allow the owner a choice of smoking options.

A colorful briar pipe made in Saint-Claude, France.

The Chacom Mojito 99 is made in Chapuis-Comoy & cie workshops by a team of creative diehards which preserve traditional processes and pipemaking techniques. This colorful briar pipe is shipped from our handcrafted factory and delivered in a branded cardboard gift box with a cotton bag.

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