Chacom Reverse Calabash Smooth Brown – Smoking Pipe


A smart, chubby and pocket-friendly smoking pipe.

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A smart and pocket-friendly smoking pipe

This Chacom is a reverse calabash pipe with a rounded bent shape, a matte brown stain and a yellow-swirled acrylic mouthpiece. This short briar pipe is fitted with the so called ‘Reverse Calabash System’. In other words, it has an additional chamber to swirl the smoke. The ‘Reverse’ chamber is much larger than in other system pipes and generate a cooler, drier smoke by collecting excess moisture. The smooth finish of this pocket-friendly pipe lets show off the contrast grain of the briar.

A Reverse Calabash made in Saint-Claude, France 

This Chacom Reverse Calabash was designed and handcratfed made in Chapuis-Comoy & cie workshops by a team of creative diehards which preserve and improve traditional processes and pipemaking techniques. This smart briar pipe will be delivered in a branded cardboard gift box with an illustrated cotton bag.

Please note these pictures are taken from a random selection of this pipe model in our stocks. Due to the nature of the raw material used, there will be some variation in grain pattern of the briar. 

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