Pipe Cleaning Fluid – Deniclean – 50ml


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The Deniclean pipe cleaning solution dissolves stubborn build ups in the shank and the stem of your pipe whilst refreshing and sanitising them. Basically dip a pipe cleaner in the bottle and run through the shank and the mouthpiece. Then, use a clean dry pipe cleaner to finish the cleaning and not leave any moisture inside your pipe.

This cleaning solution is suitable for all kind of mouthpiece (ebonite, cumberland, acrylic or horn).

Tip & kind reminder: Wait until your pipe is completely cool before disassembling it. Place your hands on either side of the shank-stem junction and turn clockwise as if the pipe were screwed in. To reassemble your pipe (properly cleaned), you will insert the stem in the shank while turning always in the same direction.

Content : 50ml.

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