Ropp Balzac 347 sandblasted – Smoking Pipe


A briar pipe named after the French novelist Honoré de Balzac.

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A briar pipe named after the French novelist Honoré de Balzac

The ROPP Balzac 347 Sandblasted is an original and vintage churchwarden pipe with a sandblasted brown finish, an aluminium band and a vulcanite stem. The long stem of this elegant briar pipe is designed to take the smoke away from your eyes and allows for a cooler smoother smoke compared to a standard pipe.
Please note that the pipe shown in the pictures are the actual pipe you will receive. This traditionnal churchwarden pipe was made in Chapuis-Comoy & Cie workshops by a team of creative diehards.

Did you already know ?

The Cutty is one of the oldest pipe shape. This shape was very common in the 16th century because it was easy to craft in the molds used for clay pipes. Clay Cutty pipes, up until about a century ago, always included a “spur” or “boot” of extra material at the bottom of the bowl.  In fact, when smoking the same clay pipe all day long, the bowl tends to get pretty hot. The spur allowed the smoker to grasp the base of the pipe without burning his hand.  Today, some Cutty briar pipe keep the traditional spur attachment.

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