Ropp Balzac 347 smooth – Smoking Pipe


An handsome Cutty Churchwarden with a waxed mahogany finish.

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A briar pipe named after the French novelist Honoré de Balzac

The ROPP Balzac 347 is a churchwarden pipe with a waxed mahogany finish, an aluminium band and a vulcanite stem. Its silhouette called “Cutty” is based on the traditionnal clay pipe shape. The thin stem and the slightly angled bowl offer a sleek silhouette and a comfortable grip. The long stem of this elegant briar pipe is designed to take the smoke away from your eyes and allows for a cooler smoother smoke compared to a standard pipe. Thus the Ropp Balzac 347 would make for an excellent pipe to pair with a good book  !

A stylish briar pipe made in Saint-Claude, France

The Ropp Balzac 347 is made in Chapuis-Comoy & cie workshops by a team of creative diehards which preserve traditional processes and pipemaking techniques. It will be delivered in a branded cardboard gift box with a cotton bag.

Please note these pictures are taken from a random selection of this pipe model in our stocks. We recommend you to smoke this thin briar pipe slowly to prevent the overheating.

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