Ropp Vintage Briar 418B black sandblasted – Tobacco Pipe


A vintage pipe with a “Panel” shape.

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A vintage pipe with a “Panel” shape

The Ropp Vintage Briar 418B is a straight pipe with a non-usual shape between “rhodhesian” and “tomato”. In fact, its diamond shaped bowl and square shape make it special. This lightweight briar pipe features with a non carbonised bowl and a genuine white horn stem which nicely complements its sandblasted black finish. This straight pipe made from an aged briar (70 years old and more) has no filter system.

An original briar pipe from Saint-Claude

Please note : these pictures are taken from a random selection of this pipe model in our stocks. Due to the nature of the raw materials used, there will be some variation in the sandblasted briar bowl and horn stem. Originally founded in the 19th century by Eugene-Leon Ropp, Ropp has maintained plenty of classical French style across the ages. Since 1991, Ropp pipes are made with traditional technics in the workshops of Chapuis-Comoy & Cie, in Saint-Claude, France. This Ropp Vintage Briar 418B presented in a branded cardboard gift box with a cotton bag, will be directly shipped from our handcrafted factory.

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