Savinelli Autograph 5 – Smooth – Freehand


An amazing briar masterpiece made with talent in Italy.

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A beautiful bent pipe with an unique shape

The strict quality requirements of Autograph pipes limit production to a few pieces a year. Entirely handcrafted, these pipes represent the best that Savinelli’s team have to offer. Autograph pipe are cataloged, according to briar quality, in several different groups that identified pipe prestigious. Most prestigious groups are 000, 00 and 0. Other groups in order of importance are 8, 6, 5, 4, 3. This Savinelli Autograph 5 is a beautiful bent pipe with a “Pot” shape, an oval shank and a protruding heel spur. It features a smooth and shiny light finish that highlights the natutral briar grain pattern. Thus, you can observe the beautiful flame grain on a large part of its bowl. “Bird eyes” are also visible at the top of  its bowl. The flattened and cylindrical bowl boasts a low burning chamber with good capacity. Equipped with a black acrylic stem, this magnificent Italian creation can be enjoyed without a filter or with a 6mm disposable filter (in balsa wood).

This is a one-off pipe. The briar pipe in the pictures is the exact one you will receive and hold in your hands.


Based in Milan, since 1876, Savinelli is the largest Italian pipe manufacturer. It offers classic and fancy models in a wide range of prices. The most high-end ones are entirely handmade, like the Autograph series. But among the standard pipes, there are also beautiful briar pipes with classic shapes, such as the Punto Oro (with a golden dot). For more than 150 years, Savinelli has been creating and renewing itself for the pleasure of pipe lovers all over the world.

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