Natural Meershaum Granulates


Meerschaum chips for a soft, dry and fresh smoke

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Meerschaum granulates to avoid excess moisture

These granulate are 100% natural pipe bowl filters. Infact, Meerschaum is a natural mineral with a porose structure ables to absorb large amounts of moisture like a sponge and reduces impurities for a mild and dry smoking experience. Just fill half of your pipe bowl with these ‘Superdry granulates’ and let the cooling effect surprises you. No more complicated tamping of your pipe, no more blocked smoking channels.

Did you already know ?

Meerschaum is a porous mineral (also called Sepiolite) which has several excellent smoking properties. First, it absorbs moisture and allows more air to the Tobacco. Thus, it offers a drier, cleaner and smoother smoke.


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